“It’s A Big, Big House, With Lots and Lots of Rooms….”

I feel like God has been reminding me of the bigness of His family this week, as well as giving me an even greater appreciate for those who recognize and embrace His worldwide family.

Saturday night Derek and I attended a “Haiti Night” to hear a young woman from the Boiler Room community share about her recent medical mission to Haiti. She showed us slide shows of pictures and told stories about the people she met there. At the end of the night we all prayed together for Haiti, declaring hope and crying out for restoration in the country. Several people mentioned wanting to plan a trip to Haiti, perhaps this summer.

Sunday afternoon Abel and Maria hosted a dinner to share about Abel’s upcoming Madagascar mission trip. We met a family from Cameroon, at authentic West African food (so good!), and listened to Abel and Maria share about what God has been doing with this trip and what Abel and his team will be doing while they are there. Then we all gathered around Abel and prayed for him, prayers in both English and French rising around the room. It was powerful.

Yesterday we met with the staff at All Nations, a missions organization that has a church  planting training school in Kansas City (called CPX – Church Planting Experience). We first heard about the school when we were here at the beginning of March and since then Derek has been praying about attending in the fall because it seems to fit with so much of what God has put on his heart. After praying about it and talking to people, I think I’m going to go through the program with him, so we can learn and process together and if he ends up doing the second part of the program overseas (which is optional) I could go with him. So we toured the house they are renovating and met staff and missionaries from several different countries, then sat down next to a huge map of the world and talked about the program. It was a pretty eclectic group of people, but all of them have a passion for reaching the nations.

Honestly, at times I feel overwhelmed at this sudden broadening of my horizons. But I know that God placed us here, in Kansas City, in this particular house with Maria and Abel, and that He has a plan for us, a plan that’s bigger than what I could imagine on my own. I was talking to Maria the other day and she mentioned that God has been drawing several (relatively) older couples to the Boiler Room, all of whom have experience in missions. It seems like God is doing something significant in the Boiler Room through that, and that it’s significant that He brought us here in this season. So we’re praying and seeking God’s will for our time here and remain curious (but excited) about what He might do in our lives.

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