Fine Tune Our Hearing

This past week we were reminded again of both God’s provision in this move to Kansas City, and the sureness of God’s voice leading us.

Derek has been diligently job hunting since we moved here. He’s run into frustrations every step of the way, though, from sketchy jobs (like the ice cream truck driving job) to transportation issues (he had to cancel one interview because he couldn’t get there without walking two miles) and even weather (every time he would set up an interview or go to fill out applications, it would rain….no joke).

Last week we remembered my interview experiences when we were here at the beginning of March. I had two interviews in the same day, one with the after-school program and the other for a server position at a hotel (as well as a third one, which I turned down because of transportation issues). The first interview went really well. I walked away excited and at peace, somehow sure that I would be offered the job, as unlikely as it seemed (because they wanted someone who could start that Monday). The second interview felt completely different. I had frustration after frustration in trying to get there (I couldn’t get off the bus where I thought I could, so I had to take a second bus, and then I accidentally went to the wrong hotel). When I finally found the right place and sat down for the interview, the guy interviewing me told me that he knew even before I came for the interview that he wasn’t going to hire me because he needed someone right away, but he offered to give me his number so I could call him if I moved to Kansas City without a job because he might be able to help me then. I was irritated, to say the least. By the time I finally got back to the Boiler Room, I’d been gone about five hours. I was so frustrated and really felt God telling me to take a break from job searching the following day to just seek Him.

When we remembered that experience, we felt like God was highlighting that difference between what it felt like to walk in His will (the peace about the interview with the after-school program, who later offered me the job) and what it felt like to strive to find something on my own (all the mess and frustration and lack of peace with the second interview).

So when Derek received another call for an interview and was filled with peace about it, we really believed that this was the job. Sure enough, when he went in last Tuesday for the interview, they told him on the spot that the job was his if he wanted it. He’ll be working in the garden center of Home Depot (though he’s employed by an outside company which is, rather ironically, based in Michigan), organizing trees, shrubs, and perennials. The position is seasonal, but full-time with a somewhat flexible schedule (he goes in around 8:30 and can leave once the work is done). The pay should be more than sufficient for what we need to earn for the tuition for CPX. And for the most part he’ll have weekends off! We have no doubt that God set up this job for Derek, just as much as He set up the job at the after-school program for me.

I feel like this is a season of God highlighting that difference between His will and everything else. On Sunday, as I prayed about all this, I felt like God was saying that in this season He is fine-tuning our spirits hear His voice more clearly. Specifically, that God is teaching us acute hearing, to be able to discern the difference between His voice and our own, His call and that of the voices around us. He begin this while we were still in Toledo, but even just in the past couple weeks I feel like He’s intensifying my awareness of that. I’m beginning to feel that difference in His will, to recognize that familiar “yes” in my spirit that feels like a puzzle piece finally fitting into the place made for it.

And I’m reminded again of God’s promise in Isaiah:

“The Lord will give you the bread you need
and the water for which you thirst.
No longer will your Teacher hide himself,
but with your own eyes you shall see your Teacher,
While from behind, a voice shall sound in your ears:
‘This is the way; walk in it,’
when you would turn to the right or to the left.” – Isaiah 30:20-21

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