Yesterday I picked some green onions and fresh herbs from the garden and made them into an omelet, along with some more of our quinoa leaves. It tastes fresh, like springtime. So tasty! I love having a garden….

The finished product:

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  1. i did not know until YOU enlightened me, that (a) one could grow quinoa in north america and (b)that you can eat it’s leaves, too.

    super fun.

    your garden sounds and looks amazing. i hope i can have one next year.

  2. Haha…neither did I until I found a seed packet at the nursery and decided to give it a try. The package says it gets really brightly colored flowers, too. I’ll have to let you know how it works…

  3. yes, please DO let me know how it works. and post photos of those bright flowers.

    we’re trying to buy a house. one of the final two has a HUGE yard and i am already getting excited to grow food in it.

    • That sounds exciting! It’s been one of my favorite parts about this summer. I was so glad to finally move somewhere with gardening space. Though we’re talking about moving again at the end of the summer to another Boiler Room household, which might not have the garden space (I’m looking into community garden possibilities, though).


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