Absolutely Treasured

This morning I came across this blog about one couple’s journey in adopting – and now raising – their son from Ethiopia. The posts are written as letters to their son, sharing the adoption process, stories about what they were doing together now that he’s home, all the things about him that make them smile, and how excited they are to be his parents. I think it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve read in a long time. Every post and picture radiates with the love this couple has for their son (and for each other, too). This little boy is obviously deeply treasured. And they’re leaving him a legacy of love by recording the journey for him. Beautiful.

It’s such a striking picture of the love God has for us and the goodness of his design for family.

It reminds me of our friends Jeff and Kristina. They have fostered four beautiful kids and adopted their first son this April (we’re praying and believing that they’ll be able to adopt his baby brother as well). I watched them go from a couple, to parents of a little boy, to parents of three toddlers just a month later. They stepped into that role so naturally.

I love adoption. Three years ago when I went to Haiti, my heart first stirred at the thought of adopting someday. As I watched Jeff and Kristina walk through the process of fostering and adopting (I was privileged to be there to help the day they brought the second two kids home and spent quite a bit of time with them before we moved), walking in faith each step of the way, solidified my desire to foster and adopt. So someday….someday I hope that we’ll have our own story about the child (or, more likely, the children) that we are blessed to love and treasure unconditionally. I know it’ll probably be a while yet before we’re ready, but I still look forward to it.

In other news….

– We went to visit this great little used bookstore on 39th St. yesterday.

Prosperos Books

– Our garden is growing. A LOT. The watermelons grew two feet over the past three days. We have baby green beans now. We harvested our first cucumber last night and should have a zucchini ready in a couple days. And I’m pretty sure the quinoa is getting ready to flower. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this gardening process.

Budding quinoa

– I have an interview on Saturday for (believe it or not) a housekeeping job. It would be very part time (6-10 hours a week), but pays well and is only about eight blocks from here. Once again, walking distance.

– Plans for this fall are shaping up in exciting ways. More on that soon….

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  1. i am completely living vicariously through your quinoa-growing experiment. i get so excited seeing pictures of it!

    also, nice bit of irony with the housekeeping job possibility! :)


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