In my stack of hanging clothes (because we don’t have a closet and never did get around to buying a wardrobe) I had two ankle-length skirts that someone gave to me a couple years ago.  I’d worn each of them once, maybe, but they were never favorites (long, flowing skirts can be lovely, but the pencil-straight ankle-length version are….well, not my favorite). The Missouri heat has given me a new appreciation for skirts, though, so when I got my sewing machine, shortening these skirts was at the top of my project list (it seemed like a pretty easy project to start with).

So here they are. I just finished the second one yesterday. They’re both pretty plain still, but definitely more wearable in this heat (I’ve already worn the green one a lot):

P.S. The skirts aren’t the only thing that’s been shortened. I definitely cut my hair a couple weeks ago.

P.P.S. I apologize for the awkward pictures. Taking pictures of your full body is somewhat awkward, even with a camera timer :-P. But you get the idea at least

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