Berry Pickin’

This morning I went blueberry picking at the Berry Patch (about 45 minutes south of Kansas City) with a couple women from our collective. I’ve been strawberry picking before, but this was my first time blueberry picking. We left fairly early and it was still somewhat cooler and hazy when we arrived.  Here are some pictures:

They suggested we tie the bucket to our waist with twine to leave both hands free to pick

My lovely picking companions

The blueberry patch


All these came from one branch!

I ended up with 4.3 lbs. of blueberries

(I also discovered that the shop at the farm sells freshly-ground flour, so I bought 3 lbs. of seven grain flour and 3 lbs. of red wheat flour. Maybe blueberry bread should be on my list of things to make?)

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  1. abbie

     /  July 10, 2010

    those berries look awesome! my friend just recently mentioned that place to me and now after seeing your pictures I know I desperately need to go. i see you’re living in kc now, btw – did you know that i live on the ks side?

    • Really? We’re on the Missouri side but not too far from the state line.

      And the berries ARE awesome :-). t was a lot of fun picking them, too. I’d recommend it :-). I think we may go back in pick blackberries next month…

  2. abbie

     /  July 11, 2010

    cool. we are in prairie village, also close to the state line.


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