Recycled Roses

A few weeks ago I received a bag of assorted fabric remnants from a lady from freecycle. I had hoped to use them to practice sewing, but several of them were sheer sort of fabrics. I came across this tutorial for making lovely fabric roses and, would you know, my sheer remnants were exactly the kind of fabric that works best. So yesterday I spent the afternoon experimenting with them. My first one was a bit sloppy, but they got better after that. I made one into a necklace for  a friend of mine who’s in a season of roses and I think I may wear one to a tea party tomorrow (that’s right, I’m going to a tea party tomorrow!). Here are a few of them (I made a yellow one, too, but didn’t take a picture of it):

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  1. denita

     /  July 12, 2010

    How cute!
    I hope you enjoyed the tea party!

  2. jolie

     /  July 13, 2010

    Those are adorable! I am envious of your sewing endeavors. I’m scared to begin and also don’t have a sewing machine. And I’m also envious of your beautiful garden!! I’m going to read back into your archives, did you write about starting it and everything?

    • These roses weren’t even made with a sewing machine so you could try them! (they really are pretty easy). I haven’t tried anything too complicated yet, though one of my goals is to sew something from a pattern this summer (preferably not a clown suit…) so we’ll see how that goes. And yeah, I did write about starting the garden. If you click on the “garden” tab, it’ll just show the garden entries and you should be able to find it. It’s been a lot of fun, probably one of my favorite things about this summer. I’m sad to be leaving it when we move again, but hopefully we can have a community garden next year.


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