Goodbye Garden

I love our new home (which I plan to write about soon).

But I miss our garden already. I’m hoping that perhaps I can go back to work in it sometimes….

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  1. that is a GORGEOUS little garden. i suspect they’ll let you come back and tend to it from time to time. :) also, i need to betaught how to do this, too! we’re going to have a huge yard. i want to garden in it, and invite neighbors to garden in it, too.

    • Thanks! That’s great that you’ll have a huge yard, too, and that you hope to invite neighbors into it to garden, too! And I’m sure you’ll be great at it :-).

  2. hello! I see you’re a gardener yourself! That’s definitely something I’m starting to enjoy (gardening), it’s exciting to see what’ll sprout up and actually GROW! haha Hope you get to have new soil in your new place to make another plot of vegetation!

    ps. Thank you for the comment you posted on one of my blog posts! It brightened up my day =) And you’re exactly right, it has led me to “appreciate the profoundness of the little things in every day life”! I feel like I’m beginning to finally pay attention to the beauty that does surround me. So great.

    • I’m hoping so, too :-). Our new backyard is pretty shady, but I’m hoping for a community garden next year…

      And I’m glad it brightened your day :-)


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