A Flock of Color

When Derek and I first talked about colors for our new bedroom, we decided that we wanted something red in our room to go with the glorious gold. At first I thought I’d make some sort of flowers to set on a table or dresser (which I may still do), but then I remembered how much I like the look of origami birds (like these hanging in my sister’s room, or these, or the hundreds of birds hanging in the Starbucks on Main St.). There’s something beautiful about birds in general and when they’re made out of paper,they seem that much more delicate and beautiful.

So for the past week, I’ve folded birds in my spare moments. At first I was going to look for special papers, but then I remembered all the old magazines I had (for the paper collages that I sometimes make), so I have birds with crackers on them, birds with leaves, birds with Michael Jackson’s daughter’s feet (the magazine’s are a little outdated), birds with red rain boots, and birds with peaches, among other things, all with various shades of red.

Then Thursday night I laid them across our living room floor and begin to hang them, one by one, from a red piece of yarn.

I hung them in an empty corner of our bedroom and I really like how they turned out. Something about birds reminds me of freedom, and the bright red of the birds against our glorious gold wall reminds me especially of the freedom we have in Christ.

And they also remind me of Haiti and the hours I spent making bird after bird for the kids, like this little guy:

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  1. I love them! Beautiful. Great idea with the magazines.

    p.s. – You’re welcome for the inspiration. ;)

  2. Nice bird’sI like the colors,we still want to visit you guys.We just need to figure out how traveling will work with the boys.


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