Some Simple Sewing

I’ve been working on a few little projects for our new place recently (I still haven’t started the curtains for our bedroom and bathroom, but hopefully soon). One project on the list was making a curtain to cover the trash area in our kitchen, because this is so classy looking:

I had planned on looking for an old sheet at the thrift store at some point to make it, but today Lindsey brought home this fun piece of cloth that she found at a little shop for 60 cents. We’d decided that we wanted something with some sort of print, so this was perfect. It took about ten minutes to hem it up. Much better:

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  1. Looks great!

  2. Rebecca I love that we can all be frugal and creative at the same time.This reminds me of the red curtain we but around our sink to give the kitchen a more welcoming look.

    I here you guys are coming into town for thanksgiving thats exciting! are you staying in Maybe MI.

    • Thanks! It’s amazing the difference a little thing like that makes :-)

      And we are coming to town! (assuming Derek gets the time off, but he’s already requested it, so we don’t think it should be a problem). I think we’re hoping to stay in Toledo, but we haven’t worked out details yet. We’re planning on seeing my family, Derek’s family, Toledo people, and going to a wedding in Ohio on Saturday, so we thought Toledo made the most sense for being in the middle of all that.


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