Sewing to Save My Sanity

….or something like that.

But really, my first several weeks back at work felt like they devoured so much of my life. If I wasn’t actually at work, I was planning for work, or talking about work,  or thinking about work, or worrying about work. So this week I’ve been trying to settle back into some more balance, taking time to read and write, clean and cook, talk to friends and take walks, and even do some sewing.

One of my projects this week was sewing an apron. It has been on my list of projects for a while, partly because of its practicality (I have yet another shirt in the wash right now, trying to get cooking stains out) and partly because it seemed like a relatively easy sewing project to start with.

I began with a thrifted pillow case, bought several months ago specifically to make an apron.

I picked apart the seams, then used an apron we had already to cut out the basic shape.

I cut a piece of the edging to sew on the top so it would match the bottom.

….And then I spent a couple days pinning and sewing bias tape along the edges (I thought that would be the easiest and quickest way to finish the edges…heh….)

Here it is, a bit rough around the edges (or maybe more than a bit, to be honest) but finished. And it’s made to get food on it anyways, right?

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  1. This is adorable! Way to go :)

  2. Katie

     /  September 16, 2010

    I love it becca! I’ve been hemming dresses and pants all week and thinking of you. I’ve decided its not an easy thing to pin and hem what you are going to wear yourself.

    • Haha….it is hard :-P. I usually just mark things while I’m wearing them and then try to hem a straight line from that, but it’s not very precise. I’ve seen several tutorials for making your own dress form out of paper mache, but it looks like a lot of work :-P

  3. It looks GREAT. My first sewing project was also an apron. And it is also quite rough around the edges. Yours is beautiful!

  4. Also, you are stunning!

  5. super cute idea!

  6. Hi, thanks for visiting and commenting on my dress!
    You did a great job with your apron. The edging trim is lovely, so well done for incorporating it into the final design so beautifully!


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