God’s Story

I know I’ve been pretty silent here lately.  Life has been pretty full, between work (oh work….), collective, collaborative, time with God, time with my husband, and just…life. There’s a lot going on, a lot I’m pondering, a lot I’m learning, a lot I’m wrestling with, and an increasing hunger for God, but putting it all into words feels daunting and takes more time than I’ve had recently. But I hope to write more of an update soon.

But in the meantime, I wanted to share a piece of what we’ve been learning in collaborative. This comes from the notes from one of our Tuesday night sessions with Ryan Gritters. I reread it this morning in my quiet time and loved the description of God’s interaction with us through stories. I feel like it’s giving me a new appreciation for how God speaks and shapes us through scripture and also a greater appreciation for the gift of storytelling.

God’s Story

To understand God, we must understand His story. In His wisdom, god decided to author a Book through human authors containing stories of Himself and His creation. As they sat around the evening fires, Hebrew children would listen to their parents and relatives telling and re-telling the stories of God’s interactions with their ancestors. The stories of Scripture were at one time an integral part of culture, cultivating hope in the hearts of people who knew great hardship and yearned for the rest God had promised. The beauty of using stories is that it informs our entire beings of truth on a perceptive level that factual information rarely touches. In a story, you have a setting, plot, and characters. Through its unfolding, we are not just filled with facts but images of life and relationships we can relate with and perceive. The situations in the story for a moment become our situations. The emotions of the characters become our emotions. god’s stories are meant to draw us into the lives of normal people so we can put ourselves in their places and ponder what it would be like to have God interact with us in the ways He does with them. In this place of visualizing and pondering the story, He begins the process of educating our entire being, not just our minds, about who He is and what it means to live and interact with Him. Had He intended for us to live by a set of rules, He could have saved a lot of paper by writing a list of requirements. Instead, He desires for us to enter His presence THROUGH Himself. He helped us get started in this interaction by offering countless stories of how He has done this in the past. (Ryan Gritters)

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  1. Patti Cousino

     /  October 11, 2010

    I love your comments about God teaching us through stories. That is how he made us. He did not give us “His Word” as a list of things to do, and not do, which are included, but he put it all in the midst of the stories of His people, and how they did and did not do as He directed. And Jesus was a wonderful storyteller. He taught us through stories. And he continues to speak with us through the stories of our own lives.

    Just a thought from your aunt… I think you could be a storyteller. You have a gift of writing, probably from God, to be utilized for His Kingdom.


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