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I’m excited: my friend Sarah just started a blog. George and Sarah run the Lewis House, the ministry I lived and worked with for the year before we got married. They have beautiful hearts for loving the neighborhood around them and an incredible generosity with their home, time, and hearts. They’ve blessed us in so many ways. So stop over and check out some of  Sarah’s reflections on ministry and motherhood.


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  1. Hey Becca I’m so excited because more of our friends are starting to blog more! I was inspired by you to this. Thought it would be a fun way to stay connected with friends that are far away. Also thanks for the christmas card it was really nice and thoughtful. Sounds like you guys a full house this could be fun, exciting and scary lol.
    House- we had our home inspection today and everything looks really good! a few things need to be looked at but nothing major thank God. He said for the year of the home it looks really good.

    Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!

    • That’s kind of what I was thinking, too, when I started my blog shortly before we moved :-). Even though it’s not quite as personal as a letter, it’s still a good way to share bits of your life and thoughts with people back home.

      And I’m glad you guys liked the card. I figured it was time to start sending them out.

      That’s great about your house, too! I bet you’re excited.

      Merry Christmas to you guys!


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