Valentine’s Day

I have a more serious blog (or two….or three….) brewing right now, but in the meantime, here’s a bit of our valentine’s day celebration….

I generally don’t get too caught up in the commercial Valentine’s Day hype. When I was younger, though, I used to spend the weeks leading up to Valentine’s day, making stacks of valentines for my family and friends. Being so far from my family (and many friends) this year, though, I decided to revive that tradition. I like the idea of taking that time to make something to show my family in particular that I’m thinking about them and care about them.

So I made and sent out a stack of Valentine’s:

I also made one for each of my housemates:

And some Valentine’s Day cookies for my kids at school (who were a little hyped up on sugar that day already :-P), as well as for Derek and Shelby, who like sweet stuff (I made vegetable risotto with organic vegetable broth, spinach, and brown rice for Lindsay and Myles, who like healthier stuff):

As for celebrating with Derek, Mondays he has class most of the day (except for a couple hours in the afternoon while I’m at work), so our options were limited. I wanted to let him know how much I love spending every day with him, though, and left him small cards throughout the day: with his coffee in the morning, in his backpack, and with lunch (including some cookies).

And finally, a blanket tent in our room to surprise Derek when he got home, inspired by this post (a bit cheesy, perhaps, but I thought it might be a fun and creative way to relax with Derek when he got home).

The next morning Derek took me out for breakfast, which was a treat (my dad used to take us out for breakfast on our birthday and I think I still prefer it to going out to lunch or dinner):

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