Taking Time to Be Crafty

Since we moved into our new place, I have been compiling a list of things I want to make to decorate our home. The reality of working and going to school full-time has eaten up most of my time (and life) lately, leaving little time for crafty things (or blogging, apparently).

This week I’ve realized the importance of still making space for some of those creative things, though, because it’s something life-giving in the midst of all the busyness. So this week, along with all the work and class and homework, I’ve made time for some cooking, crafting, and taking walks with Derek.

One thing I made was a vase of flowering branches for our living room mantle. I’ve been looking for colorful things to add to that room (which has plain white walls) and when I saw directions for these flowering branches on familyfun.com, I decided they’d be perfect. The original project calls for tissue paper, but my tissue paper options were limited so I ended up using fabric instead because I had some in the exact color I really wanted.

I started by arranging the branches in the jar I had, making sure they were the length I wanted. Then I cute the fabric into a bunch of yellow squares and green triangles.

For each flower blossom, I glued a green triangle to the yellow square, then shaped it around a pencil tip to make a flower bud. Then I glued each one to the branch. Easy, right?

Actually, it would have been a lot easier with a hot glue gun. I used tacky glue, and the flowers kept slipping off the branches and unfolding. I tried holding some of them on with a clothes pin and held others with my fingers until they stuck. Eventually they all stayed, though. I was really pleased with the finished product and love how it looks on the mantle.

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  1. Amanda

     /  September 23, 2011

    They look great Becca! I love how they look next to the painting ;-)

  2. Wendy Kennedy

     /  September 23, 2011


  3. abbie

     /  September 24, 2011

    So pretty! Your mantel looks like it’s part of a very peaceful and relaxing room.

    • It is pretty peaceful :-). I was actually really excited to have a living room with white walls because of all the lovely, peaceful white rooms I’d been seeing.

  4. Love this! So cute.

  5. That looks so cool, becca! :)

  6. Rebecca-I love your flower branches! I am also busy with life and 2 little kids, but I agree, you have to carve out time for creativity because it is so life-giving and stress-relieving. I love your pale walls and yellow on the branches, and using nature in decorating-I’m sure your project was practically free. Thanks for the inspiration, I want to try this someday!

  7. Patti

     /  October 16, 2011

    Becca, the branches and flowers are beautiful. We need to make room for creating beauty in our homes. It is part of our nature that should be allowed freedom of expression. With your busy life, it might be a good thing to make time for on the Lord’s day, and do it with Him.

  8. Hello! I found your blog through ReMadeSimple & I’m so glad I did!! Your little flowers are very cute & I look forward to looking back over your past posts as well. I especially enjoyed reading your “about” page – what a beautiful perspective. Thanks for sharing <3 lindsey

    • Thanks! I’m glad you found your way here, too (and I love Kristina’s blog as well). I haven’t been posting as much recently, but hopefully I’ll be more regular with that this new year :-). Thanks for commenting!


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