Do you know what that is?

Yes, it’s dirt. But more importantly, it’s tilled dirt. Tilled dirt in our garden. Finally.

I spent the past month waiting for one thing after another to happen before the plot would be ready to plant. First I waited for the community gardens to call to set up a time to till (I was told their waiting list was pretty long and some people had signed up way back in January). Then, because it rained a lot while I waited, I waited for the maintenance guy to come mow the grass. But he didn’t mow it short enough, so then I waited to find a weed eater I could borrow to cut the grass short enough so it could be tilled (in the meantime, the grass grew again).

Finally on Tuesday, I borrowed a weed eater from one of my coworkers. As soon as I got I home, I spent the last light of dusk chopping down weeds and grass. I cut a space as big as I could while the battery lasted. After I finished, I took my garage sale shovel and tried to turn some of the dirt to see what it looked like. The grass roots resisted the shovel, though, and the dirt was hard with clay. I went inside wondering if they could possibly till that ground and whether anything would ever grow in it.

The next day I called the tilling guy on my lunch break. He came that very afternoon while I was at work still. When I came home, our garden plot was waiting, tilled and ready.

So there it is. A bit bumpy still, with a fair amount of clay. But it’s tilled and can be planted. Maybe this weekend even….

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  1. Mama

     /  April 19, 2012

    Looks like you’ll need to add some compost to that. This is my second year in a row that I haven’t gotten our garden tilled. I miss it…..

    • Yeah. Unfortunately, without a vehicle, it’s hard to get compost here. I was looking up some options and found some that say they deliver. The one said delivery starts at $100….not sure I’m willing to do that :-P. Ideally, I’d like to start some of my own, but it’ll take a while.

  2. teresa

     /  April 19, 2012

    Bartering is another option to get the things you need. Maybe you could bake some bread in exchange for someone delivering for you…or cook a meal…or…
    I wish I lived close..I’d help you out! Our garden plot where I grew up had a lot of clay. It took my dad some years to get it to the place that it was nice to work with. Clay is hard to work with just as sand is. We have sandy soil. It doesn’t hold moisture well. Gardening is a challenge but oh the results are so wonderful! Hope you have a wonderful season!

    • iheartsnapit

       /  April 20, 2012

      Teresa we have enjoyed your garden it’s amazing. I still remember Elijah helping pick those amazing green beens. We had so much fun in your garden and at your house.

    • I hadn’t thought of bartering. I feel like I don’t have a lot to barter, but I can cook so maybe that :-)

      I’ve heard there is a lot of clay around Kansas City so this is typical. We’ll see what we can do this year. A friend suggested praying over our soil, too, so I’m going to do that :-)

  3. iheartsnapit

     /  April 20, 2012

    This is so great Rebecca i can’t wait to see what you guys plant…when we visit. We are still planning on coming in June! We are excited. I have a dilema choosing where exactly I want to put the garden this year. George’s yard is amazing he has 3 raised beds and a mini green house with adult and baby chickens running around. I stopped over the other day to chat and captured a few cute pictures of Selah running around with them. Well have fun planting…I know you will.

    • Yay! So excited that you guys are visiting! We’ll be heading your way briefly right before you guys come so hopefully we can see your garden, too!

      I haven’t decided exactly what I’m planting yet. Maybe today I can look at the space available and see what I can plant this time of year.

      George’s sounds great! I saw a picture of the green house, but not the rest. It sounds like he has a mini farm these days :-)


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