New Things

I know I’m overdue for a garden post (it’s coming, I promise), but first I wanted to share about one of several exciting purchases recently….

A car? Yes, actually! We did just buy a car, the first one we have owned since we got married and the first one that I have ever owned in my life. It still feels novel that we can simply get in the car and go places rather than shuffling through bus schedules, lining up times, and waiting out at the stop. After years of walking, carpooling, and taking buses, this is a big deal for us.

The other big purchase for me, though, was a nice camera. A Canon Rebel  XS, to be specific. I have been wishing for one for years, but just couldn’t justify spending that much on a camera when we didn’t have a car. A couple weeks ago Derek and I looked at our budget and our savings, though, and decided that this summer we could look into it. Just a few days later my friend Jeff announced that he was selling his for a good deal. Amazing! It arrived yesterday morning and I spent the afternoon playing with settings and snapping around the house. I have a lot to learn about what the camera can do but I am enjoying experimenting so far.

Here is a sampling of pictures from yesterday:

So this might mean I might be posting more often again, now that I’ll have fancy new photos to share….maybe….

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  1. Awesome pics! So glad things are going well for you there in KC!


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