The Fruit of a Little Time Off

One of the perks of my current job is two full weeks off in August, followed by a week of meetings, orientations, and preparation for the fall semester. My family will be visiting for most of the second week (yes!), but this week I’ve found myself with more free time than I’ve had since I was unemployed last summer. I’ve squandered some of that time just relaxing — browsing pinterest, reading, and wandering through the park with my camera — but I’ve also done some babysitting, visiting with friends, and helping friends move.

I did take one one larger project this week as well: painting our kitchen. We had nearly a full gallon of yellow paint left from when we painted at the Tracy House (we over-estimated how much paint we would need for the living room there), so when we’ve talked about using it to paint the kitchen since we moved in — almost a year ago now — but never actually did it. In a fit of cleaning and organizing this week, though, I pulled out the paint and decided to go for it. I finished most of the kitchen in just a couple hours and then completed the rest today. Though it was a relatively small change, it really added some life and warmth to the space.

The kitchen before:

And after:

(This is probably the cleanest the kitchen has ever been, by the way, and perhaps the cleanest it ever will be)

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  1. it looks great. I really love your kitchen, how open and bright it is. Enjoy it! :)

    • Thanks! The funny thing is, it’s typically not that bright in there. In fact, it’s usually pretty dark. But at that point of the evening we finally get some sunlight in there and the yellow really helps :-)

  2. rachelmeyer7

     /  September 18, 2012

    That looks beautiful! I’m following your blog on my wordpress reader now so I can keep up. My new blog is We should get together for coffee sometime (and I need to give you your canned beets!).

    • Thanks for the link to your blog! I guess I must have missed when you switched to that one. I’ll definitely be following you, too :-)

      And I would love to get together for coffee! My weeks are pretty busy these days with work and school :-( but typically weekends and sometimes Tuesdays (later afternoon/evening) work for me. Let’s definitely find a time :-)


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