Autumn Garden

Our garden is mostly neglected these days. Our hose was flattened about a month ago (thankfully just before the drought ended) and school and work consume most of my “free” time. The garden is not completely finished yet, though. The collard greens are still going strong and the other day I saw a few small, green tomatoes, sparking some hope that perhaps we’ll still get some fruit from them now that the ground is moist again and the air cooler.

In the east corner of the garden, the sunflowers and Zinnias wear the telltale tinges of autumn brown, though, a subtle proclamation of the change in seasons. I love it, actually. It has its own kind of beauty, different than the vibrant colors of summer. The crisp brown edges carry a certain peace, the beauty of a season ending at just the right time to make way for the next one.

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