Jesus Loves Me This I Know (For the Snow Days Tell Me So)


Life has been exhausting lately.

These days I spend nearly forty hours a week at work with a group of seven to eight one-year-olds. After work I head to another six to ten hours a week of class, depending on the week. When I finally come home, there is always a chapter (or two) to read, a paper (or three) to write, an article (or six) to read and respond to, projects to create, and lesson plans to write. Not to mention dishes to wash, laundry to clean and fold, a menu to plan, groceries to buy, a house to clean….

When Friday afternoon arrives and I step out the door at work, I feel an exhilarating rush of relief that the weekend has finally arrived.

But then the weekends are packed, too – with class or trainings, collective, helping friends move, cleaning the house, birthday parties, homework, concerts, catching up with friends, teaching the Boiler Room kids, preparing lunches for the week, doing the laundry that I never found time for during the week….

And suddenly I realize with dismay that it’s Monday morning again and I never really stopped to rest.

Last Sunday I felt particularly crushed under the weight of this constant activity and said something along the lines of, “I feel like I need at least two weeks off to really feel rested again!”

I think God was listening.

I had Monday off of work for President’s day, followed by a shorter day on Tuesday for our staff in-service, then a second shorter day on Wednesday. And then a blizzard closed both school and work for Thursday and Friday.

I was so starved for rest that when they announced a snow day for Thursday, I felt a little giddy.

I turned off my alarm clock and slept in.
When I finally woke up, I watched the snow out the window, still wrapped in our blankets.


I drank coffee, then cooked a big breakfast for Derek and I and ate it in our pajamas.


Later we bundled up in several layers and took a walk, snapping pictures of the still-falling snow.



We stopped by the house of some nearby friends, joining them for lunch and talking about gardening.


We walked some more, stopping to swing on some snow-covered swings.


We dropped in for tea at the house of some more friends. A few more friends joined us there and we walked part way home with them afterwards, our heads and shoulders and coats adorned with the fluffy, thickly-falling snow.



I cooked a hearty potato and kale soup for dinner.


That night Derek and I snuggled together on the couch and watched a movie together.

And I didn’t do any homework or housework or anything productive that day. Not a single thing.

It was such a perfect day.

And that perfect snow day was followed by another snow day, during which I cleaned the house, caught up on some homework, shoveled a little, and made homemade pretzels. That snow day was followed by the weekend, with collective, a little more homework, church, lunch with friends, and plenty of time to rest.



Now it’s Monday again and they closed work early today because of the coming storm. School is already cancelled for tomorrow, gifting me with another day off. Though it has not quite been the two weeks off that I longed for, these unexpected days of rest have refreshed me and energized me to push through the rest of this final semester of school.

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  1. rachelmeyer7

     /  February 26, 2013

    Love this. You painted such a beautiful picture of your restful day. Hope today is just as fun.


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