I’ve had another string of snow days this past week, which meant more faith-stretching. But it also meant I had the opportunity to go sledding, which I haven’t done in years. A whole group of us piled in a couple cars (after we got them unstuck from our snowy streets) and then headed to Gillham Park.

(P.S. Please excuse the blurry phone pictures. BUT I do have a real camera again, thanks to my parents!)

Sewing to Save My Sanity

….or something like that.

But really, my first several weeks back at work felt like they devoured so much of my life. If I wasn’t actually at work, I was planning for work, or talking about work,  or thinking about work, or worrying about work. So this week I’ve been trying to settle back into some more balance, taking time to read and write, clean and cook, talk to friends and take walks, and even do some sewing.

One of my projects this week was sewing an apron. It has been on my list of projects for a while, partly because of its practicality (I have yet another shirt in the wash right now, trying to get cooking stains out) and partly because it seemed like a relatively easy sewing project to start with.

I began with a thrifted pillow case, bought several months ago specifically to make an apron.

I picked apart the seams, then used an apron we had already to cut out the basic shape.

I cut a piece of the edging to sew on the top so it would match the bottom.

….And then I spent a couple days pinning and sewing bias tape along the edges (I thought that would be the easiest and quickest way to finish the edges…heh….)

Here it is, a bit rough around the edges (or maybe more than a bit, to be honest) but finished. And it’s made to get food on it anyways, right?

A Flock of Color

When Derek and I first talked about colors for our new bedroom, we decided that we wanted something red in our room to go with the glorious gold. At first I thought I’d make some sort of flowers to set on a table or dresser (which I may still do), but then I remembered how much I like the look of origami birds (like these hanging in my sister’s room, or these, or the hundreds of birds hanging in the Starbucks on Main St.). There’s something beautiful about birds in general and when they’re made out of paper,they seem that much more delicate and beautiful.

So for the past week, I’ve folded birds in my spare moments. At first I was going to look for special papers, but then I remembered all the old magazines I had (for the paper collages that I sometimes make), so I have birds with crackers on them, birds with leaves, birds with Michael Jackson’s daughter’s feet (the magazine’s are a little outdated), birds with red rain boots, and birds with peaches, among other things, all with various shades of red.

Then Thursday night I laid them across our living room floor and begin to hang them, one by one, from a red piece of yarn.

I hung them in an empty corner of our bedroom and I really like how they turned out. Something about birds reminds me of freedom, and the bright red of the birds against our glorious gold wall reminds me especially of the freedom we have in Christ.

And they also remind me of Haiti and the hours I spent making bird after bird for the kids, like this little guy:

Because I Like Lists

I first heard about this idea on Brooke’s blog and later came across it on several other blogs. Basically, the idea is to make a list of 101 things you want to do in 1001 days (long enough to accomplish a lot but short enough to actually push you t o do things). I thought it sounded like fun and have toyed around with the idea of making one of my own for a while. I like the idea of being intentional about pursuing your plans and dreams, both the bigger things and (perhaps more importantly) the little, everyday things. Plus, I’m definitely a list person. So this week I finally decided to sit down and make my list. It took a while and I’m not sure I’m entirely content with everything on it (I found I had trouble remember all the things I’d thought about wanting to do….which is why I tend to make lists :-) ), but really, it’s just a starting point. So, here is my list of 101 things I want to do in the next 1001 days (from August 3, 2010, until April 30, 2013).