Meet Lindsay

I’ve meant to share a link to this blog for months, but somehow never did. Lindsay is one of our fellow Tracy House members and probably one of the most passionate, faith-filled, evangelistic people I’ve ever known.  She can also make a mean green smoothie and has a knack for putting words to the faces and lives we encounter in this community. Check out her blog here


Chords of Worship

My husband wrote this blog yesterday and I wanted to share it. He gives a pretty profound definition of worship, that speaks a lot to some things I’ve been pondering and wrestling with over the past several weeks (specifically how to live out of the presence of God rather than just a string of doing good things).


Ministry Mama

I’m excited: my friend Sarah just started a blog. George and Sarah run the Lewis House, the ministry I lived and worked with for the year before we got married. They have beautiful hearts for loving the neighborhood around them and an incredible generosity with their home, time, and hearts. They’ve blessed us in so many ways. So stop over and check out some of  Sarah’s reflections on ministry and motherhood.



… husband! Or his blog at least. Yes, Derek has started an official blog :-). You can check it out here (do it!).